August 6, 2015: Full Coverage Settlements with Punitive Damages

This Firm just won a very favorable Personal Injury Settlement for a Family of 5 people, including 3 children, a single car struck by an intoxicated driver.

Even though, luckily, none of the five were seriously injured, they each did sustain some injury and required some medical treatment with medical expenses.

Because of this Firm's long and extensive experience in Personal Injury cases, we were able, as a team, to prepare a case that resulted in a highly satisfactory settlement for each of those clients.

Our Firm Investigator and a Paralegal discovered favorable actual eye-witnesses to both the accident and the other driver's intoxication.

We were able to discover and uncover two separate automobile liability policies, for compensation to our clients; and were familiar with the Law that enabled us to get proceeds from both the policies.
With our legal research, we then put together the several legal principles, with which we had worked over many years: the laws of “damages,” compensation and personal injury cases; the law involving extent of the amount of insurance “dollars” that could be made available for each of our 5 clients, that is, the “uninsured motorist” and the “underinsured motorists” Virginia Laws; and, finally, the Virginia law relating to “punitive damages,” that is additional compensation because of the extent of other driver's intoxication and negligence.

The bottom line results: we received, for our clients, all the possible insurance money available in the case: that is, the entire amount of insurance coverage from each of the two insurance policies added together. Each of our 5 clients received highly adequate compensation in their settlements.

Cases are different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail.
August 17, 2015: Tractor-Trailer/Trucking Accidents

This firm continues to handle Personal Injury cases where our clients have been injured in an accident caused by a large tractor-trailer or other trucks.

Very recently we have concluded such a case for a client, with a very favorable result. There a tractor-trailer (with a Professional Driver) at 60 mph or more struck another vehicle, causing it to go “out-of-control” and to crash into the vehicle of our client.

There are a number of Laws, both of the Federal Government and the Commonwealth of Virginia that regulate and pertain to Trucks; and knowledge and experience with those various laws is not only essential for the attorney handling those cases, but they can be extremely helpful in reaching more than adequate recoveries of compensation for our clients.
Of course, knowledge and experience, of this Firm, in general Laws, both Federal and State, pertaining to general “negligence” or “carelessness” of drivers of any kind of vehicles, obviously, is used by us on behalf of our clients. This Firm has had years and years of experience in handling all kinds of vehicle accidents, including, of course, tractor-trailer/truck accidents.

In the many years that this Firm has been representing injured plaintiffs, as a result of tractor-trailer and truck negligence, we have become acquainted with the laws that specially relate to the legal liability and responsibility of such vehicles, and we believe, we have used that knowledge and experience to gain advantages and highly satisfactory results for our clients.

The experience of our Partners, Stanley Sacks and Andrew Sacks, together, total over 100 years helping clients.
Cases are different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail.
September 2, 2015: Getting clients more compensation for “Aggravation of Pre-existing Medical Conditions”

This firm has long and vast experience, in personal injury cases, where we are representing a client who suffered injuries in an accident, but who, before their accident, had similar injuries, or medical conditions.

But, there is a long-standing and familiar legal principal, in Virginia (and probably elsewhere) that “if a person had a condition before an accident that was aggravated as a result of the accident or that the pre-existing condition made the injury he received in the accident more severe or more difficult to treat, then he is entitled to compensation for the increased severity or difficulty of treatment but not entitled to recover for the pre-existing condition.”

This means, of course, that in an automobile accident, for example, the guilty driver is responsible for all of the injuries, damages and ill-effects that he directly caused by his negligence; but he is also liable for additional compensation to the extent that he “aggravated” or “worsened” any injuries or medical conditions that the client had before and was not caused by the accident.

Handling claims for this additional compensation, for such “aggravation of pre-existing conditions” can be difficult before a Jury, unless it is clearly explained to the Jury, with their full understanding that the client is, of course, not trying to be rewarded for what he had before the accident.

The more experience, resulting in more skill in handling these claims, the much better results are obtained.
In our long experience we have learned that many people have some kind of medical problem before the accident, which has, indeed, “worsened” by the negligent driver; and there are many cases that people may have some medical condition, such as “arthritis” (or “simple wear and tear” in joints) that they do not even know about until the negligence of another has caused pain and symptoms to develop.

Cases are different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.
September 17, 2015: Stanley Sacks and Andrew Sacks Honored by “The Best Lawyers in America

The Best Lawyers in America is one of the top “peer review,” rating Publications in the legal profession.
They advise that they “partner” with many of the highest circulated publications in the world, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many others; and that those “partnerships” help communicate the value of your practice to more than 11 million influential readers per year…”

They congratulated Mr. Stanley Sacks and Mr. Andrew Sacks that they have been selected as “one of the best” for 2016 in their fields of Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs, Non-White Collar Criminal Defense and White Collar Criminal Defense.

They additionally congratulated Mr. Stanley Sacks on being included in their Publication for at least 30 years!
November 6, 2015: Sacks & Sacks Successfully Settles Injury Case Turned Down By Several Other Law Firms

This Firm was approached by a young lady, who suffered almost catastrophic injuries when, as a Pedestrian, she was struck by a car. The accident happened in the early morning hours on a rural, but well improved two-lane highway.

The client was struck when she exited her car to help get an intoxicated fellow passenger back into the vehicle, before he got struck by oncoming traffic.

The client had tried, unsuccessfully, to engage what she described as “six other law firms,” all of whom looked into her case and declined representation because “they did not believe they could help her.”

This Firm recognized, immediately, that this new client was highly likely to be protected under Virginia's “Rescue” Doctrine, that simply provides: that “rescue attempts,” unless recklessly done, do not constitute negligence.

Famed Justice Cordozo's long-ago statement, in a rescue case, “Danger Invites Rescue” is the Public Policy underlying that Doctrine in many States, including Virginia.

This Firm's experience has gained us knowledge that, in many instances, results in substantial rewards for clients.

This case was settled for almost all of the available insurance limits.
March 11, 2016: Honors for Sacks & Sacks, Personal Injury/Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Lawyers of the long-time Personal Injury/Criminal Defense Firm of Sacks & Sacks continue to be “honored” for their experience and ability in the cities of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and all the Seven Cities of Tidewater, Virginia.

Stanley Sacks has recently been notified by the National Trial Lawyers, an Association of “top 100 trial lawyers” that he has been “selected” to be invited for membership in this organization.

The invitation specifically states that:

“You are part of a premier group of attorney that practice Civil Plaintiff law in the State of Virginia to be chosen for the membership.”
The Firm of Sacks & Sacks is proud and congratulates Stanley Sacks. The members of this organization include many of the nationally outstanding and “famous” Personal Injury Lawyers in the entire Nation.
April 12, 2016: Aggravation of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Can Increase the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

Our Firm, Sacks & Sacks, personal injury and criminal defense lawyers, very frequently increase the value of our clients' personal injury cases because the client may have had some medical condition before their accident, which was made “worse” by the accident.

Probably most people do not realize that even though they had some medical problem (maybe even injury from another accident) before their present personal injury claim, the other guilty party, who caused the accident, is legally responsible, also, in monetary damages, if his negligence or carelessness caused the “pre-existing” medical problem to be “aggravated” or “worsened.”

The negligent party, who causes the accident, is responsible in monetary damages, for all of the injuries and “ill-effects” that directly come from the accident. But the negligent party is also responsible for additional money damages to the extent that pre-existing injuries were “aggravated.”
The Law is that if a person:

“had a condition before the accident that was aggravated as a result of the accident or that the pre-existing condition made the injury he received in the accident more severe or more difficult to treat” then that person may recovermoney damages for the aggravation and for the increased severity of difficulty of treatment."

Sacks & Sacks has successfully handled “aggravation of pre-existing condition” cases many, many times resulting in increased settlements and verdicts for the client.

Cases are different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.
April 28, 2016: Police “Chases” or “Pursuits”

Sacks & Sacks, long-time Personal Injury Law Firm, has experience in representing innocent persons, who have suffered injuries as a result of Police vehicles “chasing” a traffic violator or “suspect.”

Serious “collisions” have occurred when a Police vehicle “barrels” into an intersection, against a red light. Police “chases” are extremely dangerous. The only concern of most fleeing suspects is to evade as quickly as they can. This leads into dangerous situations.

The Law, unfortunately, is unfavorable, in many cases for injured citizens of police chases, because Cities many times are given “immunity” and cannot be sued. And, under many cases, too, the Police Officer, himself, who has caused the accident, is also given a “legal” immunity.

However, “Immunity” from suit against the Police Officer is not automatic; and if the Lawyer for the injured party is sufficiently familiar with the law for such situations; does the “investigations,” that are fully required; and researches the law that apply, the Police Officer, and the Insurance Company can be held liable.

And the injured party can be compensated.

Sacks & Sacks Law Firm, handling personal injuries cases throughout the seven Cities of Tidewater, Virginia, and elsewhere in the State, do investigate these cases thoroughly; have experience in this cases; and research the Law that apply, in our best efforts to have our clients fully compensated.

Cases are different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.