Personal Injury Lawyers, who represent Motorcycle Drivers,who suffer personal injuries in accidents, must be truly experienced. Because,unfortunately, too often there is the belief that “if a motorcycle is involved,it was the cause of the accident.”

Of course, that is far from the truth. Motorcycle driversare as safe, in their driving, as drivers of cars, and maybe even safer.

This Firm, Sacks & Sacks, Personal Injury & CriminalDefense Law Firm, has legal “roots” that go back over 100 years. Thatexperience, we think, has enabled this Firm to successfully and highlyeffectively represent persons in personal injury cases for many years; thatincludes drivers of motorcycles.

Recently, we represented a motorcycle driver, struck in an intersection with substantial personal injuries and monumental medical expenses. After detailed and long investigation, legal research, and our representation, not only were we successful in achieving a substantial settlement in a six-figure amount, but were able to effectively deal with his medical bills,  in a way that allowed our client to receive the “biggest” part of the six-figure settlement.

We believe that, as in all of our personal injury cases, itis our long-experience and our hard work and “dedication” to our clients thatresults in highly successful recoveries of compensation.