This Firm wasapproached by a young lady, who suffered almost catastrophic injuries when, asa Pedestrian, she was struck by a car. The accident happened in the earlymorning hours on a rural, but well improved two-lane highway.

The client was struckwhen she exited her car to help get an intoxicated fellow passenger back intothe vehicle, before he got struck by oncoming traffic.

The client had tried,unsuccessfully, to engage what she described as “six other law firms,” all ofwhom looked into her case and declined representation because “they did notbelieve they could help her.”

This Firm recognized,immediately, that this new client was highly likely to be protected underVirginia’s “Rescue” Doctrine, that simply provides: that “rescue attempts,” unlessrecklessly done, do not constitute negligence.

Famed Justice Cordozo’slong-ago statement, in a rescue case, “Danger Invites Rescue” is the Public Policyunderlying that Doctrine in many States, including Virginia.

This Firm’s experiencehas gained us knowledge that, in many instances, results in substantial rewardsfor clients.

This case was settledfor almost all of the available insurance limits. 

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