This firm continues to handle Personal Injury cases whereour clients have been injured in an accident caused by a large tractor-traileror other trucks.

Very recently we have concluded such a case for a client,with a very favorable result. There a tractor-trailer (with a ProfessionalDriver) at 60 mph or more struck another vehicle, causing it to go“out-of-control” and to crash into the vehicle of our client.

There are a number of Laws, both of the Federal Governmentand the Commonwealth of Virginia that regulate and pertain to Trucks; andknowledge and experience with those various laws is not only essential for theattorney handling those cases, but they can be extremely helpful in reaching morethan adequate recoveries of compensation for our clients.  

Of course, knowledge and experience, of this Firm, ingeneral Laws, both Federal and State, pertaining to general “negligence” or“carelessness” of drivers of any kind of vehicles, obviously, is used by us onbehalf of our clients. This Firm has had years and years of experience inhandling all kinds of vehicle accidents, including, of course,tractor-trailer/truck accidents.

In the many years that this Firm has been representinginjured plaintiffs, as a result of tractor-trailer and truck negligence, wehave become acquainted with the laws that specially relate to the legalliability and responsibility of such vehicles, and we believe, we have used thatknowledge and experience to gain advantages and highly satisfactory results forour clients.

The experience of our Partners, Stanley Sacks and AndrewSacks, together, total over 100 years helping clients.

Casesare different, depending on the “facts” of each case. The information youobtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. We inviteyou to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail.