Personal Injury for Medical Malpractice

At Sacks & Sacks, PC in Norfolk, VA, our experienced medical malpractice attorneys provide legal counsel and representation for medical malpractice cases. You trust your doctors when it comes to your health and well being. Unfortunately, doctors can make mistakes and they are often deadly when they do. When you come to our law office for a medical malpractice case that has resulted in a personal injury, Sacks & Sacks, PC will examine every possibility there is.

Without the right attorney with a long and successful “track record,” your medical malpractice case is over before it ever gets started. These cases are their own animal, the insurance companies often will not settle out of court, and the very best insurance defense attorneys are routinely found in the medical malpractice arena.

These cases require knowledge and experience with understanding complex medical records and a Medical Malpractice case requires the injured patient to prove negligence and mistakes made by doctors, nurses, and others, in placed such as a doctor's office, hospitals, operating rooms, etc., when only the negligent doctor or nurse is present. That requires real experience and specialized capability – Sacks & Sacks has that.

If the attorney you choose doesn't have a firm grasp of how to handle the case, as well as the resources, access to experts and ability to take the case to trial, the defense attorneys and the big insurance companies backing these attorneys won't hesitate to take advantage. Contact Sacks & Sacks, PC for legal counsel with your medical malpractice case.